3D Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen (BAG)

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Data and documentation

Creative Commons License
We appreciate if you give us credit for the work that we have done, therefore we offer both the 3D BAG data set (incl. files and webservices) and all parts of the documentation on this website through a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License. In short, this license allows you to share and adapt this work even for commercial purposes, as long as you give attribution to us.

For example you can use the text and link:
3D BAG by 3D Geoinformation Group, TU Delft

In scientific publications you can cite the data set as:
Dukai, B. (Bal√°zs) (2018) 3D Registration of Buildings and Addresses (BAG). 4TU.Centre for Research Data. Dataset. https://doi.org/10.4121/uuid:f1f9759d-024a-492a-b821-07014dd6131c


The bag3d software is covered by the GNU General Public License v3.0, more information here.