3D Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen (BAG)

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Web services

If you don't want to download the data for the whole country, you can use one of the web services.

Type URL
WMS http://3dbag.bk.tudelft.nl/data/wms?request=getcapabilities
WFS http://3dbag.bk.tudelft.nl/data/wfs?request=getcapabilities


We offer the 3D BAG in various formats for download. Each format contains the data for the whole Netherlands and a new version is generated every month.

Comma Separated Value (CSV) files

The CSV files contain the data for the whole Netherlands, and they include only the attributes that we generate additionally to the existing BAG attributes. The CSV can be joined to the BAG via the identificatie field. These files do not contain geometry. Character encoding is UTF-8.

Data file Size Date MD5
bag3d_2020-01-25.csv 1.63 GB 2020-01-25 bad533319ab70116314f5c4a84668775
bag3d_2019-12-25.csv 1.63 GB 2019-12-25 bad533319ab70116314f5c4a84668775
bag3d_2019-11-25.csv 1.63 GB 2019-11-25 bad533319ab70116314f5c4a84668775
bag3d_2019-10-27.csv 1.63 GB 2019-10-27 bad533319ab70116314f5c4a84668775
bag3d_2019-09-28.csv 1.63 GB 2019-09-28 94505135befe3d984396c31e9de44fb1
bag3d_2019-08-28.csv 1.63 GB 2019-08-28 582952e27fe301c6559a331eea02d1ba
bag3d_2019-07-27.csv 1.63 GB 2019-07-27 7b470f99e346afa58b96e609e065fab9
bag3d_2019-06-28.csv 1.63 GB 2019-06-28 079f30e0d248969813545f6cdeecc62b
bag3d_2019-05-28.csv 1.62 GB 2019-05-28 40ef748dec5e69b3a18273a3e7885a0b
bag3d_2019-03-23.csv 1.62 GB 2019-03-23 d755e3cfbcf0717fca583bb0bc77833b
bag3d_2019-02-25.csv 1.62 GB 2019-02-25 6b14c53fcfae2513d1a2f3b008c37eb2

GeoPackage files

The GeoPackage files contain the data for the whole Netherlands, including geometry and attributes from both the BAG and the 3D BAG.

Data file Size Date MD5
bag3d_2020-01-25.gpkg 6.73 GB 2020-01-25 1cd7558cce4700e6b5f411ec12251970
bag3d_2019-12-25.gpkg 6.73 GB 2019-12-25 cf7c5bfd007bec93e364758fef065b82
bag3d_2019-11-25.gpkg 6.73 GB 2019-11-25 63292cc11b009c2c8cef69616a01da9b
bag3d_2019-10-27.gpkg 6.73 GB 2019-10-27 b309b705ad5c62bf85a6ae3820062c0f
bag3d_2019-09-28.gpkg 6.72 GB 2019-09-28 ebdf760f71284bef6a17c7de5f06b06f
bag3d_2019-08-28.gpkg 6.72 GB 2019-08-28 d18873b7566cc38925704b0961663395
bag3d_2019-07-27.gpkg 6.71 GB 2019-07-28 4fcd3a3c291c70834cdbd0f3810d198d
bag3d_2019-06-28.gpkg 6.71 GB 2019-06-28 c1cd9f776dcc3c568af7ae78d716a1e7
bag3d_2019-05-28.gpkg 6.69 GB 2019-05-28 1515c643118e502c575012f08df03a59
bag3d_2019-03-23.gpkg 6.73 GB 2019-03-23 ad4a5f5eff74cc27034ecfcf832a4d0a
bag3d_2019-02-25.gpkg 6.72 GB 2019-02-25 21ea85337a71187738e3005352a43a87

PostgreSQL backup files

The PostgreSQL backup files contain the data for the whole Netherlands, including geometry and attributes from both the BAG and the 3D BAG. Besides the data backup, the file bagactueel_schema.backup contains the custom data types used by the BAG. The backups can be restored as:

createdb <database>
psql -d <database> -c 'create extension postgis;'
pg_restore --no-owner --no-privileges -h <host> -U <user> -d <database> -w bagactueel_schema.backup
pg_restore --no-owner --no-privileges -j 2 --clean -h <host> -U <user> -d <database> -w <bag3d backup>.backup

Data file Size Date MD5
bagactueel_schema.backup 0.0 GB 2020-01-25 d6bd8ce86a34d565c2275fa2bea9788d
bag3d_2020-01-25.backup 1.45 GB 2020-01-25 d409f7e4cfde110694f95adc7084c0b3
bag3d_2019-12-25.backup 1.45 GB 2019-12-25 409a18ece206936dc20b2b4a73098e9c
bag3d_2019-11-25.backup 1.45 GB 2019-11-25 a5424c9c4eddaea56d9b0cac59d55ce7
bag3d_2019-10-27.backup 1.45 GB 2019-10-27 e384cddb46f98913e805c3b8fb7d98ae
bag3d_2019-09-28.backup 1.44 GB 2019-09-28 b5c2ca4bf5d1ff09d6be2a820db57ded
bag3d_2019-08-28.backup 1.44 GB 2019-08-28 10ff089a17b01c83551ddfe05092edee
bag3d_2019-07-28.backup 1.44 GB 2019-07-28 189320c9d2bcff073b2711a8d54e1b69
bag3d_2019-06-28.backup 1.44 GB 2019-06-28 5607fe986d96c65a54b451e625d3afbe
bag3d_2019-05-28.backup 1.44 GB 2019-05-28 c89d4d39c8d996aa65ab9e14db0e2fb5
bag3d_2019-03-23.backup 1.44 GB 2019-03-23 24db83a0b40d90b16514dfd227446094
bag3d_2019-02-25.backup 1.44 GB 2019-02-25 5eb46c145f16586e463d1fb506d53081