3D Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen (BAG)

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Web services

If you don't want to download the data for the whole country, you can use one of the web services.

Type URL
WMS http://3dbag.bk.tudelft.nl/data/wms?request=getcapabilities
WFS http://3dbag.bk.tudelft.nl/data/wfs?request=getcapabilities


We offer the 3D BAG in various formats for download. Each format contains the data for the whole Netherlands and a new version is generated every month.

Comma Separated Value (CSV) files

The CSV files contain the data for the whole Netherlands, and they include only the attributes that we generate additionally to the existing BAG attributes. The CSV can be joined to the BAG via the identificatie field. These files do not contain geometry. Character encoding is UTF-8.

Data file Size Date MD5
bag3d_2018-10-31.csv 1.54 GB 2018-10-31 ada13335837c4333d6fd15be964486f5
bag3d_2018-11-24.csv 1.73 GB 2018-11-24 ba119df988e8f273fa70d22e97137e73
bag3d_tiny_sample.csv 0.0 GB 2018-10-28 8764acce09e7bd54afe4d72717ac7019
bag3d_2018-11-13.csv 1.62 GB 2018-11-13 117166081dfc5f0eb5de618018d80b24
bag3d_2018-12-24.csv 1.75 GB 2018-12-24 877e0dd3ed78d68b732843963694dec6
bag3d_2019-01-24.csv 1.75 GB 2019-01-24 6825f81b21ec8ed491fd557717cf891a

GeoPackage files

The GeoPackage files contain the data for the whole Netherlands, including geometry and attributes from both the BAG and the 3D BAG.

Data file Size Date MD5
bag3d_tiny_sample.gpkg 0.0 GB 2018-10-29 7f7bc2ae19a1a2211bd68c087ec46a61
bag3d_2018-11-13.gpkg 6.74 GB 2018-11-13 e4572b0b5301ba4bc14c9a57e67d97ab
bag3d_2018-12-24.gpkg 6.91 GB 2018-12-24 e87861216faadced54edeab1b8f23142
bag3d_2018-11-24.gpkg 6.8 GB 2018-11-24 09fb5349b62592ad349d56eb9e9b8f3f
bag3d_2018-10-31.gpkg 6.36 GB 2018-10-31 13422e74f3fd51b77b70f017d8ab2e9c
bag3d_2019-01-24.gpkg 6.9 GB 2019-01-24 eaba46047371afa880d44803781c2ca8

PostgreSQL backup files

The PostgreSQL backup files contain the data for the whole Netherlands, including geometry and attributes from both the BAG and the 3D BAG. Besides the data backup, the file bagactueel_schema.backup contains the custom data types used by the BAG. The backups can be restored as:

createdb <database>
psql -d <database> -c 'create extension postgis;'
pg_restore --no-owner --no-privileges -h <host> -U <user> -d <database> -w bagactueel_schema.backup
pg_restore --no-owner --no-privileges -j 2 --clean -h <host> -U <user> -d <database> -w <bag3d backup>.backup

Data file Size Date MD5
bag3d_2018-11-13.backup 1.47 GB 2018-11-13 d5aabaf312cfe71610501c273a9e2f81
bag3d_2018-10-31.backup 1.39 GB 2018-10-31 e6bc4af2f759727d6e8f77e1a48ecb1a
bag3d_2018-11-24.backup 1.46 GB 2018-11-24 2d417f520553789ac6e6ca1bdb7ae93d
bagactueel_schema.backup 0.0 GB 2019-01-24 f52084fe4d3d3ff662ede6041b803f46
bag3d_tiny_sample.backup 0.0 GB 2018-10-28 d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
bag3d_2019-01-24.backup 1.49 GB 2019-01-24 dd05e6f7ca62afa7055a5987ba0bab9f
bag3d_2018-12-24.backup 1.49 GB 2018-12-24 5e9ffc646264167105777a2d46d749fe